Committed to building customised duplexes that match clients’ style and taste

Enjoy the thrill that comes from living in a duplex property – stunning views and expansive floor plans

Are you dying for a new home in Sydney and would like that new house to be a duplex? With almost two decades worth of designing and building duplex properties in the Northern Suburbs and the North Shore areas, Grandeur by Design has the expertise needed for a project of this magnitude.
Get the gorgeous, modern duplex you’ve always wanted. Duplex new home plans are drawn up by our award-winning architects. Building brand-new allows you to get a home that meets your every expectation. Whatever kind of lifestyle you lead our team can design a house to complement it.
It’s not only the exterior of your duplex that concerns us but the inside as well. Functionality and form go hand-in-hand. Our duplexes are aesthetically pleasing to behold while also having very practical floor plans. Durable materials and opulent finishes for a timeless look.
If you’re worried about your block of land being unusual in size or having a slope in it, don’t be. We’ve got versatile designs that can be tailored to fit your land. Making the most of every topographical feature and the space available we’ll not only design a beautiful duplex but make it worth your while.
To discuss a duplex building in Sydney don’t hesitate to give us a call on 02 9869 7125.

Turn-Key Project Management

Sitting down with our clients at the onset of the project enables us to get a comprehensive overview of your dream home. Our highly skilled architects using the information from this de-briefing session will come up with initial designs for your duplex which will be presented to you before work begins.

We pride ourselves on providing true blue quotations to our clients and discussing with them in-depth about the financial aspect of duplex construction. During the design stage we use our client’s budget as the reference point when making decisions. There are never any “hidden surprises” when working with Grandeur by Design.

With the final designs in place we calculate how much the duplex building project will cost. The quotation includes:

  • Proposed Description of Works
  • Exclusion and Notes
  • Schedule of Provisional Sums (itemised fixtures and fittings)
  • Schedules & Programs
  • HIA Contract & HOW Insurance
  • Pricing

With the contract signed we take charge of the project and send drawings to all involved in the building – contractors and suppliers. Our experienced site supervisor and company director oversee the construction making sure that work is quality controlled and standards are adhered to by all.

We keep our clients informed every step of the way about the progress of the project. If changes need to be made we arrange amendment sessions with the client and have everything confirmed in writing before continuing with construction.

Put your dream duplex design project into capable hands that you can trust.

Request a free consultation with one of our experienced duplex architects today and take the next step toward making your dream home a reality.